Helen Montfort

Life Organizing Coach

Helen Montfort is a Life Organizing Coach and owner of Making Space for Life, llc. Helen will help you clarify what is most important for you in your life.

Knowing what you want helps to create a roadmap for your life. Choices become easier when you know if they align with your core values and your life desires.

Together we focus on making sure you can easily handle the everyday necessities, while still having the time and energy to follow through and achieve your ideal life.

Helen Montfort

I love being a coach!!!!

I love partnering with clients on their journey of creating their ideal life.

My life journey has led me to coaching.

I have done a lot of things in my life.  I’ve loved them all and I am always looking forward to my next adventure and I have finally found the work that I was truly meant to do.  All of my journeys have led me here. My parents raised me with a fabulous saying:

“You can BE and DO whatever you want!” WOW!!!!

When I graduated from high school my sister and I drove around the United States in a van for three months. I turned 18 that summer, and my sister was 20. My dad bought us the van and sold it when we returned. He lost $1,000 on the deal. He paid $500. and we each paid him $250.

We paid for everything else with money we had saved from summer jobs. Talk about supportive parents, letting their young girls go!!!!

I went to college in Arizona. Home was in Maryland.


After college, I taught weaving at a high school on The Navajo Indian Reservation. When I was in my late 20’s I traveled through Asia with a friend. We did the whole backpacking, youth hostel adventure.

When I returned home 9 months (!) later, I had $40. to my name.

I have had many different jobs: teacher, waitress, store clerk, secretary, various hotel management positions, real estate agent, and finally, professional organizer and life coach. I married at 37, had my son at 41 and was divorced at 53.

I have survived breast cancer.

I’ve learned, from way too many personal experiences, that LIFE IS SHORT. I make sure that I make space in my life for the things that are most important to me.

The most important things in my life are my son, my family and my friends.  I make sure that I spend lots and lots of time with them.  I also love to travel, do crafts, go to flea markets, and go on long walks, so I make time for them too.

In 2000, I started my own business as a Professional Organizer.  I soon realized that many of my clients had ADD / ADHD.  I started taking classes to learn more about ADD / ADHD.

By 2006, I realized that I wanted to help my clients even more and started my coaching training.  I became a trained coach in 2006, a Certified Organizer Coach in 2009, and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach in 2010.

Florence, Italy, 2012

Where is your life journey leading you?