In coaching, a partnership between the client and the coach is created.

During the coaching calls you have the time and space to discuss the topic of your choice.

Through my listening to you and asking you powerful questions, you discover not only what you really want, but also how to achieve it. Coaches believe that the client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

I help you find your own solutions to the issues that get in the way of your fulfilling your goals and living the life you want.

Making Space for Life

My specialty is working with adults and college students with ADD/ADHD, executive functioning and organizational issues.

Coaching starts with thinking about your destination.

Then we discuss the steps to move forward.

By having a coach to support you and to hold you accountable on each step of your journey, you can reach your goals.  Life is all about choices, with coaching you work on making choices that align with your goals.

Coaching will help you focus on and complete your plans, attain your goals and to live the life that you want.

Coaching is done on the phone.

We schedule three 45 minute phone calls a month.

  • Before our first call, you’ll complete an initial coaching info packet.
  • On our first call we discuss your Big Picture Life Vision.
  • And, we also talk about issues that are bothering you right now.

You determine the topic of each coaching call.

  • We talk about the big agenda of your life & the everyday agendas.
  • By talking together you figure out what you want to work on next.
  • Between coaching sessions, there can be action steps you want to work on.
Making Space for Life

Knowing that you’ll be accountable at the next session helps you to follow through with your decisions.

Whether you do your homework or not, you learn about the choices you are making.  There is no judgement about whether you follow through with your plans or not.  It is all learning.  You learn about what works, what gets in the way, and what might be preventing you from moving forward.

We continually make sure that the choices you make
are aligning with your bigger life vision.

Do you have a life vision? Together we can discover your vision.