Physical clutter is emotionally overwhelming.

Are you ready to transform your life, but you just can’t see past the piles, boxes and mess? 

Cleaning up your physical space can have an immediate impact on your mental space.

De-cluttering your space will make space for your life. 

I can help you with either in-person organizing or virtual organizing.

My specialty is working with adults and college students with ADD/ADHD, executive functioning and organizational issues.

In-Person Organizing

I work with a select number of clients in Montgomery County, Maryland for in-person organizing.

This one-on-one organizing is done in three hour sessions. I work with clients with a variety of needs. Some just need help with one specific room or project. Others want help organizing an entire house. Together we create a customized and livable solution for all of your organizing needs.

In-person organizing is combined with virtual organizing and coaching for lasting results.

Virtual Organizing

I also work with clients virtually. If you live outside of my geographic area, or if you don’t have the time or money available for in-person organizing, virtual organizing is an ideal solution.

Are ready to get organized, but just need the support of an understanding and experienced Professional Organizer? I will be there to talk you through each step of your journey. I will also be your accountability partner in helping you create the environment and life that you want.

Virtual organizing is combined with coaching for lasting results.


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